Apply to modify a development consent

If you want to change your design after you have received development approval, you can apply to modify the consent.


You can apply:

  • to correct a minor error, mis-description or miscalculation 
  • for a minor modification involving minimal environmental impact
  • for modifications that do not have minimal environmental impacts.

We recommend you seek some advice before submitting your application. We can explain your options and provide an estimate of the fee.

Apply online

Your application and all attachments must be lodged through the NSW Planning Portal.

NSW Planning Portal

You will need to create a NSW Planning Portal account, or MyServiceNSW account.

Apply in person

You can submit your application at our customer service centre.

Please allow up to an hour to submit your application in person. We will check all of your documents to make sure it is a complete application.

Please note, we will not accept in-person applications after 31 December 2020.

What we consider

We will only agree to modify a development consent if we are satisfied that the proposal is substantially unchanged.

You must provide evidence that if the modification were carried out, the development would be substantially the same as the application that was approved.


You must pay your application fee to complete your application.

If submitting your application online, you will be issued an fee notification for payment.

If submitting your application in person, you will be asked to pay your fee on the spot.