Preparing a Planning Proposal

Learn about what's involved when preparing and submitting a planning proposal.

What is it?

A planning proposal form is needed when submitting a planning proposal. A planning proposal is a report that explains the intended effect of, and justification for, a proposed amendment to a Local Environmental Plan (LEP).

Please refer to the NSW Department of Planning and Environment's A Guide to Preparing Planning Proposals prior to submitting a planning proposal.

When you have gathered all of your information please complete the Planning Proposal Application Form.

How does it work?

All planning proposals lodged with Council must be considered by Council before being lodged and entered into a gateway process that's managed by the NSW Department of Planning and Environment. A planning proposal may also be accompanied by proposed amendments to the Bayside Development Control Plan.

Prospective applicants should initially contact Council to discuss whether a planning proposal has merit. A planning proposal must be consistent with the objectives of a strategy or plan adopted or implemented by Council or the NSW Department of Planning and Environment.

What's next?

The following sections contain information about the preparation of planning proposals, including guidelines and factsheets on the information required to support a planning proposal.

Preparing a Planning Proposal